What’s It All About

Conscious Company Magazine and Thrive Consulting Group are thrilled to announce the 2015 national Sum+Substance tour. This exciting new event series, piloted in Boulder, CO, in March 2015, brings together top sustainable business leaders, conscious consumers, and inspired community members to engage in a dialogue about finding joy and meaning in our work.

Sum+Substance is currently seeking national tour sponsors for this innovative event series. Given the limited number of opportunities, our national partners will enjoy targeted and direct promotion of their brands to conscious, engaged consumers who are loyal to the brands they believe in. Sponsors will have the rare and valuable opportunity to associate their brands with a heartfelt evening of storytelling about finding one’s calling and what it means to truly thrive at work.

The Inspiration

Gallup surveys conducted since the year 2000 have consistently shown that roughly 70 percent of American workers are either disengaged at work, doing only enough to avoid getting fired, or are actively disengaged, sabotaging their companies and driving customers away. Gallup estimates that this lack of engagement costs the American economy between $450 and $550 billion annually. Since people spend one third of their adult lives at work, the social costs of this lack of engagement are difficult to overstate.

In his revelatory book Drive, Daniel Pink argues that people are motivated primarily by autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Substantial evidence exists that creating caring work cultures that instill trust, focus on individuals’ growth, and challenge teams to achieve a worthy purpose produces breakaway results for satisfaction and revenues. But the carrot-and-stick orthodoxy of the corporate workplace is slow to adapt to changing times.

Conscious Company Magazine and Thrive Consulting Group believe that a paradigm shift is not only needed, it is already underway. Accelerating as Millennials move into leadership roles in greater numbers, a new business as usual is on the rise, and it values people and the planet as much as profit.

The Details

Sum+Substance is a series of storytelling events sharing tales of practitioners of the new business as usual. Each event will feature five businesspeople who find their work deeply fulfilling. The storytellers will detail their respective journeys to finding joy and meaning in their profession, and each will issue a specific challenge to the audience members.

Collaborating with local and national industry groups such as Conscious Capitalism, Net Impact, and the American Sustainable Business Council, each event will attract an engaged and inspired audience of 200+ of the top leaders and decision makers in the sustainable business community. In addition to each event, Sum+Substance will be amplified through a dedicated website, social media platforms, podcasts, white papers, and magazine articles to expand the impact and reach of each event.

We are currently seeking national sponsorship from corporate partners to support and grow our impact.

Tour Cites and Dates

Seattle – August 27 Raleigh – September 17 Dallas – September 29 Boston – October 21 Chicago – November 4

Conscious Company Magazine

After launching in January 2015, Conscious Company Magazine is establishing itself as the voice of the new business as usual. Distributed nationally through Whole Foods Market, Barnes and Noble, Sprouts, and many more, CCM is being courted by PR agents from hundreds of companies seeking recognition for their leadership in diverse areas of the economy. Sum+Substance will assist CCM in pulling great stories off of its pages and onto stages across the country.

Thrive Consulting Group

Thrive Consulting Group was founded in 2012 to help community-oriented businesses grow through effective communication. As the Thrive team studied our impact as we served more than 30 organizations across 15 states, we found a powerful intersection in the findings of cognitive science, marketing communication and a business framework called conscious capitalism. Sum+Substance is the next step in our efforts to change the narrative of business in America.