Our Story

How we started

This magazine began, as many endeavors do, as a conversation over a meal between two great friends. We were trying to answer the simple question, “Why doesn’t a print magazine about sustainable business exist in the US?” Both of us studied sustainable business in graduate school and felt there was a need for a publication that brought us the latest and greatest from the field in an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful way. Weeks of researching and discussing this question led us to another simple question, “Why not us?,” and, in April 2014, Conscious Company Magazine was born.

Magazine Prep

Since this time, we have put in countless hours to bring this publication to life, all of the time focusing on how to make a beautiful magazine that inspires people to think about how powerful business can be when used as a force for good. We support these ventures that are making the world a better place by giving them a voice and telling their stories. We stand for large-scale, positive change through innovation, collaboration, courage, and the belief that we can, collectively, do better. We created this magazine to serve these values.

After many months of designing, curating, collaborating, editing, laughing, and believing, the first issue of Conscious Company Magazine was sent to press on December 15, 2014. This inaugural issue hit stands the first week of January 2015 nationwide through Whole Foods and other leading independent retailers. Our story has continued from there and we look forward to getting to know you as our journey continues.